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Will You Write for Us?

We’re currently looking for writers to create technical works, how-tos, opinion pieces, and industry-related news/insights!


As an authority in a very competitive industry, we have access to an enormous social media following, and several types of traffic from a wealth of sources! We are both well known and heavily respected in the cat community, our authors getting great exposure!


Are you a cat lover? Do you have a wealth of knowledge about them, or specialize in a particular cat-related field? Are you passionate about teaching other devout cat owners, offering them the tools they need to be the very best pet parents they can be?


What We Look For from You

We are looking for detailed, informative yet entertaining and well-structured articles from an author able to educate readers about controversial issues that impact a pet’s daily environment. This can include informative articles concerning health-related topics, breed- focused material, ‘how-to’ and pet-care articles, pre-adoption considerations, and more!


Each of the articles written will need to be 500-800 words in length, and benefit the overall pet-community as a whole!


If you’re still unsure you can help us, check out the articles we’ve recently published! Feel free to submit any suggestions, along with samples of your written works and a method of contact. We would love the opportunity to explore the many ways we can benefit one another, and most importantly- the cats we love!


BackLinks & Guest Posts

Benefiting both parties simultaneously, this is an option to consider if you are currently maintaining a blog. Why not write articles for us, and in-turn one of our highly educated writers will do the same for you? This is a fantastic way to gain exposure for both of us, sharing our own unique set of readers and sending loads of traffic your way!


Guest Posts/Paid Advertisements

Are you an established pet-retailer, and do you already provide services or pet-related merchandise? Why not advertise your product through a pet-related topic we agree on?


Feel free to email us regarding any contributions you have in mind, along with your desired payment!


Exposure Guest Posting

Are you looking to get your name out there and publish your work with established brands, but not sure where to go? We would love the opportunity to work together and help each other succeed! Send us an email regarding the desires you seek, including samples of your work, and we’ll contact you!


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